The ability to track your vehicles LIVE while they drive. See how fast they are moving, as well as where they are going, where they have stopped at and for how long. Moreover, since our servers are also storing each transmitted position and event, you are able to go back into our system and retrieve that information.

When it comes to taking care of your car, just having an alarm isn’t enough. With one of these systems in place, namely Realtrac, you’ll be assured that your vehicle can be easily located, no matter where a thief takes it. In fact, with a GPS vehicle tracking system, you can locate your vehicle within minutes of it being stolen, cut off engine, and immediately notify the police. More importantly, your vehicle’s location will be available online for you to view its exact location. Once you have confirmed your car has been stolen, you can notify the police, and update them with your vehicle’s current location.

Facilities of Realtrac

  • Real time tracking of vehicles
  • Pinpoint exact location based on longitude/latitude
  • Tracking report documentation (trip, route, over speed, distance, etc.)
  • Detect over speeding by sending alert message
  • Security controls as engine can be switched off remotely
  • Improved driver performance, means- more efficient driving, reduced idle time, better driving habits
  • Reducing unauthorized vehicle use or side trips
  • Reduce fuel costs, driver overtime and vehicle maintenance
  • Improved field supervision
  • Better customer service, smarter decision, intelligent decision making and reduced liability

Basically, on normal conditions Realtrac will deliver

  • Real time tracking of vehicle(s) using Google and AVLS developed Maps
  • Ability to control vehicle from web / mobile phone
  • Geographic Virtual Fence (Geo-fencing) (Automatic alert when vehicle leaves Geo-Fence)

What Realtrac can deliver in Emergency Situation?

  • See exact location of your vehicle on your Internet enabled PC / PDA in case of theft.
  • Cut engine/fuel pump in case of vehicle theft.
  • Works even when battery is disconnected with backup battery.
  • Get many useful reports like over speeding, extra stopping, distance traveled etc.

In case of Emergency Situation or theft of a vehicle, the vehicle will come to a grinding halt by opting the¬†“Engine Block”¬†feature on the computer screen of the software. This way, the vehicle may be saved from theft/ robbery.