Using a fleet tracking will allow you to see where all of your vehicles are from your computer screen, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Instantly locate your vehicles, see where they are, where they have been. Get instant alerts on your email or cellular phone when your vehicles have exceeded speed thresholds you set, enter or exit specific geographic areas on a map. Lower your fuel costs, increase your productivity. Fleet managers, business owners, can now manage and track their fleet with the click of a mouse. Your company will realize a FAST return on investment within weeks of using Realtrac.

Reduce “Hidden” Costs That Add Taka For Taka Savings To Your Bottom-Line

A GPS Fleet Tracking System will monitor your vehicles and their drivers, allowing you to view information that was once a constant unknown. Implementing a GPS vehicle management system is the equivalent of having a virtual manager in every vehicle. A manager who works for you, everyday of the month. After hours, this manager becomes a security guard, watching and guarding your vehicles for you.

Improve Customer Service

If you operate a service company or even delivery company, managing your trucks and drivers can be a hassle. With a GPS fleet management system; you can see the entire status of your fleet from one screen. You can dispatch nearby trucks to service calls, instead of routing trucks that are further away. Answer your customer’s question in a flash, when they call and ask, when will your driver be here.

Liability: Excessive Speeding

The ability to set speed thresholds for your vehicles, ensures drivers are complying safe driving practices. Speeding drivers not only are a danger to others, but also have the potential for disastrous consequences from a liability standpoint for businesses or personal vehicles.

As a business owner or as an individual, you are faced with many challenges… managing your drivers out on the road could be a time consuming and almost futile task. If you could have a manager in every vehicle, do you think productivity would increase? Would abuses of company policy & procedures decrease? You better believe it …

As fuel costs continue to spiral upwards, any business with vehicles deployed out in the field, should take heed. Here are three good reasons why you should consider investing in a GPS Fleet Monitoring System:

1. Speeding & Fuel Consumption:

On average a vehicle traveling 10 Kmph faster than the speed limit increases fuel consumption by 20%. Driving 20 Kmph over the limit increases consumption to 25%! With Realtrac, setting speed thresholds are as easy as clicking a few buttons on our web interface. When a vehicle exceeds the set speed threshold, our GPS Fleet tracking system will trigger an email and/or text message alert.

2. Off Route Driving/Personal Business While On Your Time:

How much excessive fuel is spent daily on drivers who leave their scheduled routes? A vehicle that gets say for example, 6-8 km per liter that is driven 20 kms off route per day will cost you an additional amount in fuel per day, plus on average a minimum of 20 minutes in payroll time. This does not include the time the driver stopped to do, what it was they drove off route to do.

A driver doing this 5 days a week will cost you an additional amount per month in excessive fuel usage. Add to this the time wasted by the driver that was allocated to their payroll and you can really see how this could add up. Our GPS Fleet Management Systems will monitor traveled routes, including start/stop locations and times.

3. Excessive Idling:

For every hour a vehicle is idling, a gallon of gas is consumed. Moreover, excessive idling causes unnecessary wear and maintenance on engines, an expense that can be easily monitored and reduced or even eliminated with one of our GPS Fleet Management Systems.

You Can’t Measure, What You Don’t Monitor. Our Realtrac, GPS Fleet management system will allow you to monitor, measure and correct excessive speeding, off route driving and excessive idling across your entire fleet.

A GPS Fleet Management System Will Allow You To

  • Monitor & reduce engine idle times
  • Monitor vehicle speeds – speeding burns excessive fuel
  • Ensure drivers are staying on route – where are your drivers going on your fuel?

Do You Know How Many Hours Per Day Your Vehicles Are Idling?

These numbers are for fuel consumption costs only, it does not account for the extra repairs and maintenance cost that arise from excessive idling.

Speeding Burns More Fuel

It’s a proven fact, driving at lower speeds saves gas. Studies have shown up to a 14% savings in fuel consumption, when drivers reduce their speeds. According to a CNN money report, “the biggest fuel saver is driving the speed limit and driving sensibly. Rapid starts and stops and exceeding the speed limit will increase your cost factors.

Route Optimization

By optimizing driver’s daily routes, and decreasing miles driven, your company can reduce fuel expenses and increase bottom line profits. Realtrac Advanced Fleet Management Solutions reporting tools will allow you to instantly monitor excessive idling, speeding and drivers’ routes. You will be able to view current and historical data values for these pieces of information that will help to reduce, or eliminate these hidden costs.

GPS Auto Theft Recovery – Is A Car Alarm Really Enough?

When it comes to taking care of your car, many people forget that a security system should contain a GPS auto theft recovery system. Just having an alarm isn’t enough, particularly if you live in a high crime area. With one of these systems in place, you’ll be assured that your vehicle can be easily located, no matter where a thief takes it. In fact, with a GPS auto theft recovery system, you can locate your vehicle within minutes of it being stolen, cut off engine, and immediately notify the police. This is a very crucial time period before damage can be done or the car effectively stripped away.

Find Your Vehicle Anytime

More importantly, your vehicle’s location will be available online for you to view its exact location. Once you have confirmed your car has been stolen, you can notify the police, and update them with your vehicle’s current location. In some instances, you may even be able to save extra money on your car insurance by having one of these systems installed in your car. Check with your Insurance Company to see that they offer discounts/ rebates on Own Damage Premium for these devices.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

An option available upon installation is the shutdown module. This is a standard shutdown device that is activated by APP or text message.