Realtrac uses hardware tracking units (AVL’s) are one of the smallest available today (approx 6cm x 6 cm x 1.5cm) and can easily be hidden when installed. These AVL’s can withstand high temperatures, vibration, a range of voltages and harsh conditions. The hardwired AVL units can also optionally be wired to shut down the vehicle in the event of theft. There are also marine and portable versions of the AVL.

  • Vehicles/Pickups/Panel Vans
  • Tractors/Bulldozers/Forklifts/Cranes
  • Trucks (12v and 24v systems)
  • Boats
  • Bikes

Flexible Reporting Platform

Clever reporting and event rules make the Realtrac system manageable for large numbers of vehicles and requires less time for investigation of problems with the fleet. Realtrac reporting is flexible and simple to understand.

  • Daily Traveled Report
  • Mileage Report
  • Engine Status Report
  • When and where was my vehicle run for over a preset time in one location?
  • Overspeed Reports (major and minor roads option)
  • Standard Stop Report (with clickable stop links)
  • Maximum & Minimum Speed Report
  • What distance did my vehicle travel today?
  • Time on Site Report
  • Has the driver done private jobs with my vehicle?

Multi Location Map with Real Time System View

Upon login, your workspace shows a listing of all your vehicles/tracked devices alongside a real time position map (constantly updating as vehicles travel). You can search for any vehicle, select it in the list and zoom into its location on the map for a closer view.

Reporting History Map

Running a track of vehicle activity allows you to see exactly where that vehicle drove and where it stopped. You can also view the speed the vehicle travelled.