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Realtrac holds a distinguished position in the marketplace for extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction. We offer comprehensive pre-sales consultations, installation guidance, and after-sales support.

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Realtrac Technology

Established in 2010, Realtrac is one of the earliest technology company to provide integrated vehicle tracking and fleet management services solution in Bangladesh. Realtrac is an advanced Fleet Monitoring System with management capabilities that offers much more features than a standard GPS Tracking system at comparable, or in most cases lower cost. If you own or manage any business that requires a fleet of vehicles then Realtrac can help you save time and expense with a low maintenance and hassle free solution With more than 50 local and Multinational companies and 500+ individual customers, Realtrac is one the way to become one of the most effective Security Solution provider for vehicles.

What is A GPS and
How does it work?

GPS is a system. It’s made up of three parts: satellites, ground stations, and receivers. Satellites act like the stars in constellations—we know where they are supposed to be at any given time. The ground stations use radar….

What is Automatic Vehicle Location
and Security System (AVLS)?

On a general note, Vehicle Tracking System is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location. More specifically, a GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global…

Perks and Benefits
of Realtrac

The ability to track your vehicles LIVE while they drive. See how fast they are moving, as well as where they are going, where they have stopped at and for how long. Moreover, since our servers are also storing each transmitted position…

Download RealTrac Mobile App

At times you may need to check on your fleet while on the road. A custom interface designed for mobile devices is available to all users of the Realtrac system. The interface is a light version of the workspace and shows the vehicle listing and the ability to view each on a map. The vehicle position automatically updates as it moves and associated alarms are also shown.

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How RealTrac can help your company?

Using a fleet tracking will allow you to see where all of your vehicles are from your computer screen, twenty four hours a day......

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Multiple Asset Tracking with RealTrac

Realtrac uses hardware tracking units (AVL’s) are one of the smallest available today (approx 6cm x 6 cm x 1.5cm) and can easily......

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Some Special Features of RealTrac

There is not 100% GSM data network coverage in Bangladesh. However most driveable streets are covered by a network and this......

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